Private Residence, Mount Pleasant, SC

Sometimes a couple will walk into our showroom at the recommendation of their builder.  And, sometimes, when they are in the showroom just to “get some ideas” for their flooring, it gets quiet for a moment.  The husband and wife glance down, then at each other, then back down again and say, “Tell us about that floor…”

Well, “that floor” was to go into a house on a river extension of the Charleston Harbor.   It’s a beautiful property with ageless trees, a deep water dock, and views of breathtaking sunsets.

1 Exterior

What drew this couple’s attention was our Naturally Distressed grade of Appalachian Mountain American Cherry that had been Hand Scraped with a gentle “Footworn” pattern and French Bleed.  Even when a floor is selected, there is much to discuss, such as the lengths (we do long lengths); the widths (we do wide widths); the color (we do custom colors); and the finish (lots of choices here).

The final selection?  Wider boards on the first floor.  Slightly narrower boards on the second floor.  (This has been a feature of Charleston homes for generations.  Do the kids really need 6 and 7-inch wide boards in their bedrooms?  Probably not.)  Long lengths all the way around.  (Our mills regularly run long-length floors for our customers.  It’s a small investment with a huge return in the look of the floor.)

And the color?  Well, our couple and their designer talked it over.  And, they decided to let Mother Nature handle the color… with a little help from the deep natural amber tones of a Waterlox Tung Oil finish.  Given a little time, and a little sunshine, and “that floor”, that is now in their house, only gets better with age.

Architect:  Bill Huey

Builder:  Daly and Sawyer

Interior Designer:  Ginger Brewton Interiors

Installer:  Bay Pointe Hardwood Floors.