It takes old-time commitment to produce old-time, quality wide-plank flooring. That commitment starts with trees that are sustainably grown in Appalachian forests, harvested by trained loggers so as to have the least impact on the mountain environment, patiently air and kiln dried to promote stability, then milled and graded to exacting standards.

Available species include distinctive Walnut and warm Cherry, sturdy Oaks, Maple, Hickory and others.

Grade selections include rustic “Naturally-Distressed”, a slightly more refined “Natural” and near-furniture quality “Clear” grades.



Since 1976, Goodwin Heart Pine Company has been committed to using only the highest-quality wood and the strictest grading standards in the reclaimed antique heart pine industry. Their superior reclaimed wood flooring meets Florida Green Building Coalition and Leadership in Environmental and Engineering Design (LEED) standards.

Whether you prefer rustic “character”, majestic wide plank or a pristine vertical grain in solid or engineered flooring, when it comes to Antique Heart Pine, there’s a Goodwin Floor that’s perfect for you!



For centuries, barns incorporated hand-hewn or rough-sawn lumber for the building frames, sheathing, and siding. As the ravages of time deem these buildings no longer habitable or useful, the structures are carefully deconstructed and the lumber, produced from original growth or old growth manure trees, is reborn as flooring and unique architectural elements such as beams, mantels, paneling and limitless other uses.

Our Antique Barnwoods are readily available in Red and White Oak, Chestnut, and White and Yellow Pine, and your choice of the original sawn surface with natural patina or freshly milled. Treasured woods such as Antique Cherry, Antique Walnut, Antique Hickory and others are occasionally found and made available for their new life in your home or commercial building.


2 Chr Agr Close

While hand scraped floors may seem like a new trend, prior to the 1930′s, when the first portable electric floor sanders were introduced, all floors were hand scraped or hand planed to flatten out the boards after installation. Available in a gentle “Footworn” pattern to mimic generations of loving use, an “Aggressive” scrape for a more rustic, distressed look or a custom style unique to your floor. Hand Scraping adds the perfect design element to your flooring selection. For an additional “aged” look, consider adding a French Bleed to mimic the patina that develops between antique flooring planks as they shrink and swell with the seasons.


1 GHP Classic Engineered

Solid wood floors perform best in a specific range of household conditions. While all wood expands and contracts in response to changes in seasonal humidity levels, engineered flooring, in which a top “wear layer” is glued to a multi-plied substrate, is generally more resistant to shrinking and swelling than its solid wood counterpart. Engineered flooring can also be installed where solid woods are not usually recommended, such as below grade, over radiant heat or directly glued to a concrete slab. Available in virtually every species as our solid wood offerings and unfinished or prefinished, our engineered floors feature wear layers thick enough to be hand scraped or sanded and refinished several times throughout its life. And, with wide planks and long lengths available, your installer may be the only other person who knows that your beautiful floors are engineered.