Antique Barnwoods

You’ve driven down that country road.  You’ve seen that old, abandoned barn.  And you’ve thought, ‘somebody ought to do something about that.’  We at Charleston One Source work closely with those ‘somebodies’.  And, what they can do with that old, tired barn that is about to fall down upon itself is amazing.

There’s history in that old barn.  There’s neighbors who banded together.  Neighbors who took an axe – an axe — and they felled the biggest tree they could find.  They shaped that tree into a beam that held up that barn that protected the livestock, and the hay, and the tools for generations of that one family that worked that land by that country road.

And, while the livestock, and the hay, and the tools and even that family that lived off that land are long gone, that beam remains.  It’s older now.  And darker. And, maybe weathered by the hole in the roof.  But, that beam is not yet done.

The experts who take that barn down piece by piece, preserve what passersby know to be unsaveable.  Now that old, weathered siding hangs on a wall.  You walk into that bar, or that restaurant, or that special room in your house, and you see that paneling – that was that siding, that was on that barn on the side of the country road — and you know that it is where it should be.  And you look around, and you know that you are where you should be.

But, that beam.  That antique beam is not yet done.  It’s a mantle above a fireplace that watches its new family warm themselves on a winter night.  It’s the rafter above the great room that draws the eye as you sit and try to wrap your head around all the life that it has seen.  It’s the wide plank, Reclaimed Antique Oak or Reclaimed Antique Wormy Chestnut floor – with the nail holes, and saw marks, and magnificent patina – it’s the floor that won’t settle for just being walked upon.  That floor, that was that beam, that held up that barn on the side of that country road, that floor is to be lived upon.