Goodwin Heart Pine


Since George Goodwin first discovered the beauty of sunken Antique Heart Pine logs in the 1970’s, the Goodwin Company has earned the reputation of one of the most highly respected manufacturers of antique heart pine and heart cypress in the world. Installed in homes and businesses throughout the country, Goodwin’s river recovered® wood has won the National Wood Flooring Association’s “Wood Floor of the Year” several times over and has been featured countless times in national publications and television shows.

In many ways, Antique Longleaf Heart Pine is the wood that built America.  Durable and beautiful, Heart Pine could be found on the floors of Monticello, the caissons of the Brooklyn Bridge and it was used extensively to build the warehouses and manufacturing plants of post-Civil War America.

It takes true experts to transform these remnants of the Industrial Age into beauty that will last for generations.  From the selection of materials to the sawing, drying and precision milling, every board is carefully checked, graded and inspected before it is good enough to be a “Goodwin”.

Whether it is the fine pinstriping of pristine Vertical Grain, the gentle arching grains of Select Wide Planks or rustic charm of Character Grade, and be it from River Recovered® logs or Building Reclaimed beams, there is a Goodwin Company Antique Heart Pine or Antique Heart Cypress floor, paneling, beam or lumber perfect for you.

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19th Century loggers rafting long leaf heart pine and heart cypress trees to a southern riverside mill.

With nearly half our showroom dedicated to Goodwin Company’s products and experts on hand to answer most any question, Charleston One Source is the place to begin your Goodwin antique flooring experience.

Products Available:

Antique River-Recovered® Heart Pine and Heart Cypress

Antique “Legacy” Building Reclaimed Heart Pine

Widths:  3” to 10” (up to 12” special order)

Lengths:  2’ to 12’ Flooring.  Longer Minimum Lengths by request.

Grades:  Select, Clear, Mid Grade, Character

Grain:  Vertical, Plain sawn, Mixed

Heart Content:  Varies by grade.  Up to 100%, River Recovered®.  “Legacy” up to 98%. varies by grade.

Nail Holes / Stains:  River Recovered® — None;  “Legacy” varies by grade