Hand Scraped Woods

Our hand scraped floors are a connection to a time before machines did the work best done by hand.  A time before a man with plane and a blade was replaced by an abrasive sheet affixed to a rotating drum.

Prior to the advent of the portable electric floor sander in the 1930’s, all wood floors were scraped or planed by hand after they were installed.  Certainly, the floors in the homes of the Vanderbilts and the Rockefellers and the Morgans were painstakingly smoothed, by dozens of workers on their hands and knees who measured progress a few square feet at a time.

“Les raboteurs de parquet” (The Floor Scrapers) painting by Gustave Caillebotte circa 1875.
Modern Hand Scrape Closeup
Modern Custom Hand Scraping circa 2013.

But, floors in family homes were lived upon.   They showed the tool marks from workers who flattened them by hand after installation.  They showed wear from feet that stepped on the same boards, in the same places, generation after generation after generation.  And, they gathered dust in the gaps between the boards as they opened and closed with the seasons.

It is those floors that have inspired our custom hand scraped floors.  Be it the chatter and tool marks left by a modern craftsman in an “Aggressive” Scrape, the gentle flowing scoops of a “Footworn” Scrape, the patina between boards from a French Bleed or a truly hand-crafted pattern unique to your floor, our custom hand scraping adds a visual and textural dimension that simply can’t be duplicated by any machine.